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Canadian entrepreneur, Accountant and professor Guy R. Cloutier has always put human values at the core of his own life. He created his first enterprise at 18, followed by his accounting firm and his business that exports inventions and innovations around the world. 


He taught international trade and management, then as publisher and author he launched his books in French, English and Spanish The Power of the Future, The Golden Rules I, II and III, The Future will be Human and Zec World worldwide.


He is also an international speaker, trainer and advisor for businesses, institutions and business schools that promote creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.


His vision of the future merges three different cultures Asian, North American and European to define an organizational model based on human factor.

International speaker, trainer and advisor: to master and enhance your personal and professional life



Founder and President of Zec World Connecting Human-Organization-Life, first evolutionary Center that places the human being at the heart of all activity zones (environmental, social, economic, educative, cultural, technological...).


1,150 conferences and training seminars worldwide with over 725 in Europe : in Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, China, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malta, Holland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Singapore and United Kingdom in different institutions, private companies, innovation and technology centers, professional associations and chambers of commerce.


Inventor of an ecological product and process from nature to depollute the radionucleid contaminated waters and soils. R&D with a university in Japan to help depollute and clean up the Fukushima area.

Founder of the Operational Creativity Units®, the Family of Enterprises® and  the Human Statement®  as an advisor for multinational firms in strategic development.

Founder and President of Hicom International Inc. specialized in exporting numerous inventions and innovations to Asian, European, Australian and North American markets.


Professor in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in European Business schools and universities since 2003.


Professor of Management and International Trade in Canada.


Obtained a Professional Accounting degree and established an accounting firm as a associate.

Creator of the Evolutionary accountant®.  


He was recognized as an Emeritus Member by the Quebec Certified General  Accountants CGA in 2009.


In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Certified General Accountants CGA, he was recognized in 2008 among the top 100 for his outstanding contribution to his community and the lives of others.


Founding member of the French association ICDD Citizen Innovation and Sustainable Development.


Organized the first Japanese Art festival in Montreal with over 488 japanese artists, in 1986.

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