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International advisor

Advising implemented worldwide 

Guy R. Cloutier also prepares advising tailor made to your needs for 

SME, multinationals, Institutions, Government agencies, NGO, Business schools and Universities

Operational Creativity Units:

Create Operational Creativity Units® and support the implementation of the best ideas of the members of your company.

Creativity audit:

Develop a creativity and innovation audit program to increase your human and organizational performance.

Family of Enterprises:

Implement the Family of Enterprises® in order to develop your projects within an ethical network sharing the same values.

Finance creativity and innovation through the Family of Enterprises®.

Human Statement:

Implement the Human Statement® as well-being indicators of the employees in the company to reach a better human and organizational performance.

Create a Human Ressources strategy to implement new human standards within the organization.

Creative cities involving the participation of citizens:

Develop Creative cities to unleash and implement the best ideas of the citizens at the benefit of the community.

Implement the Creative cities method adapted to your local context.

Creative islands involving the participation of citizens:

Develop creative islands toward their autonomy respecting the environment and the sustainable development.

Zero waste:

Implement the Zero waste concept in all economic activities.

Reuse waste for a second life.

Develop a universal consignment program for used products.

Invention, creation and innovation:

Support the development and financing of new products and services until local national and international commercialization.

International strategy:

International development strategy advising given the local geopolitic context.