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The Power of the Future


We are living in a fast-paced world driven by constant change and filled with new and unexpected challenges. Are we ready to face them? What does the future hold for people and today’s organizations? Are we prepared for tomorrow’s reality?

THE POWER OF THE FUTURE is the key that empowers you to :

- make your dreams a reality
- achieve self-determination
- reach financial independence
- bring meaning and contentment to your life

THE POWER OF THE FUTURE also offers innovative tools for today's organizations to:

- reinforce a sense of corporate belonging

- stimulate creativity in the work force
- become financially independent
- gain a leading edge by creating unique products and services

The Power of the Future is for entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, employees and all people who want to transform their lives by living the future today.


Published By:  Zone Evolutionary Center Inc.
Number of pages: 343
Published: 2020, 4th edition
Price:  $ 25.00 - 20 €

ISBN 978 - 2922541 - 02 - 1

To order a copy, please contact: guyrcloutier@gmail.com

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Summary of the Power of the Future

Today's challenges will bring new and unexpected issues that both human beings and their organizations have to face.

To conquer these challenges, both the human and the organization should recognize, understand, then deal with the dependencies that are presently hindering their growth and preventing them from realizing their aspirations. It will require an innovative and evolutionary approach that focuses on prevention rather than reaction. This "evolution" will give rise to a new awareness which recognizes the Human and the Organization as a sum far greater than its parts.

To this end, Guy R. Cloutier offers us the Power of the Future, his "survival guide" for people and organizations. His concept of "evolutionary thinking"  does not rely exclusively on information available in the rational world but rather has us looking inward, to our intuition and imagination, for solutions which can then be applied to problems in our real world.

Guy R. Cloutier sees the  time when human beings will finally regain the power to decide what is best for them by realizing that they hold the essential elements for their personal autonomy. As it now stands, we are victims of various control systems which tend to denature us, numbing any sense of our true reason for being. The evolutionary organization of the future will realize this as counter-productive, leading it to place humans first ahead of finance and technology as the need for personal self-fulfillment must be satisfied if a collective well-being is to be achieved.

Human beings of the future will be called upon to free their full potential by expressing their creativity. The organization of the future will integrate this pool of individual creative power to build a better world.