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International speaker

Subjects of lectures given worldwide :

Guy R. Cloutier also prepares conferences tailor made to your needs for

SMEs, multinationals, institutions, NGO, Government Agencies, Business Schools and Universities

Creativity & Innovation:

Creativity builds business.

How to manage innovation differently?

Creativity and innovation for a human sustainable growth. 

Economic recovery through creativity and innovation.

Reach our personal and organizational goals by achieving our creative potential.

Finance innovation:

Collaborative innovation for a sustainable human growth.

How to finance innovation through the Family of Enterprises?

Finance innovation differently.

Employees and citizens participation:

The collective I, a winning investment.

The new challenges to create added value for your company.
Unleash the creative power of your business. 


Citizen's innovation for a participative management of cities.

Develop a sustainable creative island.

Well-being at work:

Create a sustainable human development strategy. 

Work better together for a sustainable growth.

Well-being at work must be cultivated!

The Human Statement for a better human and organizational performance.

Self development:

How to live successfully from your dreams!


Get involved to create a better world. 

How to realize your dreams?

Live your dreams, the art of inventing your life.

Create your business for self realization. 

Build your life and your business:

Proud to be an entrepreneur!

Create your life!

The path of the creative entrepreneur. 

Overcome your fears to launch your business. 

The Power of the Future, the art of inventing one's life. 

Build your professional goals by creating your life.

International strategy:

Creativity and competition in a global economy. 

Understand and analyse our market to succeed.

New trends and sustainable development.  

Export strategy in the global market. 

Innovation and globalization. 

Evolutionary accountant:

The evolutionary accountant : place people at the heart of their life and their business.

The commitment of the accountant facing his professional conscience. 

The Family of Enterprises and the role of the accountant as master planner.